Today, we’re taking a trip to Southern California, a place famous for its beautiful beaches, exciting culture, and, yes, cannabis! We’ll chat about cannabis in a way that even a 3rd grader could understand.

  1. What’s the Buzz About?

In Southern California, they’ve got something called “cannabis,” which is like a special plant. People can use it for all sorts of things, like making medicine or having some fun.

  1. The Cool Cities

Let’s talk about some cool places in Southern California:

a. Los Angeles (ZIP codes: 90001-90089) – This place has lots of stores where you can find cannabis. – They even have big parties to celebrate cannabis!

b. San Diego (ZIP codes: 92101-92199) – It’s by the ocean, and you can find cannabis stores along the coast. – They teach people about cannabis in special meetings.

c. Long Beach (ZIP codes: 90801-90899) – You can go to places here where you can use cannabis with friends. – They make food with cannabis, which is super interesting!

  1. Counties and More

Southern California has different areas called “counties.” Each county has its own rules about cannabis:

a. Los Angeles County – This place has many stores, farms, and delivery services for cannabis. – People here love cannabis a lot, especially in West Hollywood.

b. Orange County – They have both medical and fun cannabis stores. – Some stores are by the beach, and it’s so pretty!

c. San Diego County – They have fun places for using cannabis, like Ocean Beach. – You can find farms here that grow cannabis plants.

  1. Fun Postal Codes

Now, let’s talk about some special numbers for places:

a. 90210 (Beverly Hills) – This place has fancy stores for cannabis and special parties. – People love to have fun with cannabis here.

b. 90291 (Venice Beach) – It’s a cool and artsy place where you can find cannabis. – You can even see people doing cool tricks on the boardwalk.

c. 92037 (La Jolla) – They have fancy stores for people who like special cannabis. – You can relax and feel good with cannabis here.


So, in Southern California, they really like cannabis! It’s like a big adventure for grown-ups, and it’s in a place with beautiful beaches and lots of fun. Whether you’re a grown-up who knows about cannabis or just a curious kid, Southern California is a place where you can learn and have fun with this special plant.

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