5 Productive Things To Do While High Inside

If you find yourself stuck inside with nothing to do, go ahead and reach for your favorite strain of weed to pass the time. However, your smoke session doesn’t have to turn into a couch-lock, eat-all-the-snacks type of experience. You can turn this downtime into useful time to prioritize, straighten up, and show yourself a little self-care. Here are 5 productive things to do while high inside!

 April brings our favorite holiday, the grandest ganja celebration of them all, 4/20. But it also brings a time to clean out the cobwebs and organize our lives after the winter hibernation. Stop by the closest dispensary near you, roll up a joint or take a dab, and clean out that closet you’ve been meaning to all winter long. A combination of THC and terpenes can give you a rush of motivation if you choose the right strain. Users report high limonene strains can provide uplifting and motivating effects.

Cleaning while high can help declutter not only the physical space in your home but also your mental frame of mind. A clean, organized space will help make your time spent inside more enjoyable. You can also collect things as you declutter your home to donate to those in need later. Many thrift shops or community programs take all sorts of donations. Spring cleaning can help you realize which things you use often or could go without, and consuming marijuana can help you enjoy that process much more!


Learn How to Cook or ‘Bake’ a New Dish

One of my favorite things to do after smoking a little sativa, is to go to work in the kitchen creating something delectable to satisfy my cannabis-induced cravings. Cooking is something that not a lot of us have time to focus on during our normal busy lives. So if you find yourself high inside, learn to cook a healthy meal for you and your loved ones. Turn that downtime into skill acquisition!

Cannabis is also well known for its aromatic terpenes and flavonoids, so don’t be afraid to toss in your favorite stinky herb! Learn to cook with edible weed like infused oils, butters, marijuana distillate, or even by dropping terpenes onto certain dishes! These infused products are especially good mediums when baking homemade infused treats like cookies or brownies. Just be careful with your dosing. It’s never fun to overdo it on the edible weed. However, cooking with cannabis can bring a delicious aroma to the air and lead to a lovely, fragrant experience. This magical plant can bring you a buzz and enhance the flavor and aromas of your favorite dish.



Spending time inside can be paired with your favorite medicine to create a routine of self-care and relaxation. If you’re feeling stressed, grab your Mary Jane and a yoga mat. Cannabis has been reported to help relieve tension, aches, and pains. It can help users be more present as they move and stretch. Spending time doing bodyweight or yoga strengthening and stretching exercises while high can help you stay fit while enjoying your favorite cannabinoids! Marijuana + exercise is great to keep your endorphins and mood high (no pun intended) while you’re stuck inside, and it can also help you wind down after that workout.

Users report cannabis to be helpful with calming the mind and falling into a meditative state. Deep breathing exercises while on cannabis can help you alleviate stress and anxiety, become more grounded, and find a more opportunistic outlook on the world. Meditation and cannabis can have synergistic effects, and look to experiment during your time inside if you would like to reap the benefits!


Goal Set/Make a Bucket List

            Marijuana is known to alter the state of mind and cause daydreaming or spark creativity. Use this boost of inspiration while catching a buzz inside to brainstorm and make a bucket list or set of goals! This could include places you’d love to travel to, events you’d love to attend, or experiences you would just love to capture. Use this sense of imagination and creative energy to set grand goals and strategize for your future. Pot smokers don’t have to stick to the old stereotypes; we’re go-getters too! If you love to write, convert that list onto paper or type it up. Putting those goals into visible words can help you to stick to your convictions and remember those goals more often (especially when the effects of the THC wear off).


Have a Virtual 4/20 Happy Hour with Friends and Family

Productivity doesn’t always have to mean work or chores around the house. Many things can be productive for our health and well-being. And that means keeping up our social connections and relationships! Light up, and use this time to call video chat, or even text friends and family. If you want to make it more fun, create a virtual 420 happy hour with all your stoner buddies! Cannabis is described by users to bring euphoria, uplifting, and talkative effects (again with the correct strain choice). Combining these awesome effects of the plant with uplifting and engaging conversations with your social circle can be a useful way to get high and still be productive around the house. But no matter what you choose to do while high and inside, consume responsibly and know your dose. You won’t be very productive if you’re taking a weed-nap at 10 in the morning. Happy smoking!